YEZZO | Ain’t Just Religion

YEZZO was founded in the year of 2014, all of our creativity and designs are inspired from the Holy Bible. Christianity isn't a religion, bible isn't a belief, but there is a close affection between the Christ and human being. He longs for us to know more and get closer to Him. This is how YEZZO's concept comes from.

The Holy Bible, a classic book with long divine history. Till to date, in the 21st century, its still having enormous, strong and deep influence in the lives of many and remains the top amongst all books. It explained that the Bible is more than just a great ancient book but a collection of sacred texts and scriptures from the Almighty God. 

With its significant and influential power, YEZZO seeks to aspire and via our products, the word of God is widely spread. If the nation do not wish to go closer to God, then let His words march into crowd towards the neighbourhood.

We hopes you meet Jesus through Yezzo.


YEZZO | 超乎信仰

YEZZO 創立於2014年,創作與設計靈感受啟發自圣经。基督不是宗教,聖經不是信仰,人與耶穌基督乃是一段緊密的關係,祂渴望我們認識與親近祂——這是YEZZO的品牌概念。